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Then And Now 

This film was produced in 2023 to support a place-making campaign for the Slough Trading Estate and premiered at the launch of the Slough museum in September 2023.  A number of cuts have been developed for a social campaign and an interactive version is in development which will allow the viewer to press a key to switch between the archive and the new footage.


I worked on the planning and pre-production, location scouting, filming (also as an extra in a couple of scenes) and editing / post-production.

Why You Should Consider Me

A very short video outlining some of my attributes with regard to potential entry level jobs in the film and TV production and post-production industry.


I worked on the SEGRO plc corporate film, 'Contraption'.  This has gone on to win over 20 awards including a Cannes Dolphin, three EVCOM awards, an RTL award, four Lens awards and the Grand Prix award and three Digital Impact awards.

'Together Slough' pre-record

I was one of the editors for the pre-recorded section of the 'Together Slough' live Vimeo broadcast in March 2023.  

This was produced for SEGRO plc and features  property business rates specialists discussing how changes will impact customers on the Slough Trading Estate.

The video combined a two camera set up of the presenters with a single PPTX deck that was edited into different screen areas and sizes.

By using a higher recording resolution of the two presenters side-by-side, we were able to crop to each individual to create a third angle.

This then formed part of a live broadcast using Vimeo Live Streaming.

Showcase for university application

This is a showcase of various work I did which was submitted with my university application.  I was told by my tutor that it was viewed very positively indeed.

It shows various techniques including filming, lighting, sound, editing, titling and greenscreen.

The girl Kevin brought home to dinner

'The girl that Kevin brought home to dinner' is an awkward comedy about a family dinner where the son Kevin brings home his new girlfriend from university to see his parents for the first time, however unbeknownst to him and his mother, his father had previously had an affair with his girlfriend. I was the sound designer and recordist for this film. 

Commercial - McVities VIBs

The McVities VIBs commercial is a short film that’s part of the Nahemi Kodak commercial competition. I was the sound designer and recordist on this film. 

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